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Teach your community how to recognize weather warnings and the proper steps to follow the next time severe weather strikes.

NEW! The Weather Smart™ Package allows children and adults to experience a severe weather simulation in a realistic and safe environment.

Experience Weather Smart!

  • A 25-inch television/VCR combination will be installed in the oak entertainment center or custom-built cabinet (location varies by model).
  • A professionally produced DVD is included for the video and sound effect. The instructor can control the entire simulation program from the same room where the participants are located.
  • The tape shows a broadcast of a well-known TV show. Suddenly, the TV station interrupts programming to issue a weather report. A tornado has been spotted in your area and you are advised to seek shelter.
  • The surround sound system reproduces the sound of the pelting rain, strong winds and clapping thunder.
  • The shades on the window cause the room to go dark thereby matching the atmosphere of a severe storm.
  • The special effect lights behind the window valances appear like lightning.
  • A tornado siren is heard, followed by a National Weather Service Alert.
  • A large subwoofer is built into the room (location varies by model) that allows the participants to feel the deep vibrations of the low tone thunder.
  • Once the lights go out and the emergency lights turn on, the tornado quickly approaches and the sound level of the storm intensifies. As the tornado passes, the sound of the wind is loud enough to drown out the thunder.
  • When the storm has passed, you hear dogs barking and birds chirping. The sound of thunder rolls off into the distance and the storm has ended.
  • One (1) commercially produced DVD
  • Choose from the following: tornado and hurricane package or earthquake package.
  • The complete package includes a Panasonic 25-inch TV/VCR, DVD/CD player, Panasonic surround sound 5-speaker system, sub-woofer, simulated lightning (special effect lights), “shaking” mini blinds, two (2) emergency lights, a weather radio with special effect light, and a DVD for the video and custom sound effects.

This package can be added to any of our SCOTTY Fire Safety House floor plans. Don’t want the entire package? Have us pre-wire for the audio and video equipment. You can then add the equipment at a later date.

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